4 Songs That Will Have Your Family Gathering Around the Piano

Learning to play the piano can be intimidating, and that puts people off before they’ve even given it a try. The truth is that it’s easier than you would think to learn piano music – you just gotta choose the right songs! The show-stopping numbers below are easy to learn and will get your friends and family to stop what they’re doing and start paying attention to the budding star in the room.

1. The Entertainer

What can we say? You can’t get much more entertaining than this one, and we’re sure everyone from your mom to your best bub will enjoy letting loose with this classic. The Entertainer has an upbeat flavor that takes over your toes and gets them moving almost automatically, but you need not have been taking piano lessons for years to catch on.

The secret to this crowd-pleaser is its repetitive nature. While the pace is fast, the piano chords themselves aren’t overly difficult so even if you’re just learning how to play the keyboard or piano, you’ll pick this up quickly.

(Joplin also has another song, Maple Leaf Rag, a great beginner piece that’s easy to learn.)

2. Piano Man

Piano Man by Billy Joel is one of the quintessential songs to try when you start learning to play the piano. Aside from the obvious title, Piano Man has rhythm, style, and soul that pulls people in and makes them want to keep listening to this classic.

It’s also a great tune that most people will be able to sing along to (something that’ll just make your piano playing skills seem even more impressive!). Take a look.

3. Für Elise

This one is a little more sentimental than the rest of the toe-tappers we have on the list, but it’s undeniably a crowd-pleaser. People are drawn to Für Elise for its transformative rhythm, pace, and tone. You can easily bring an entire room to silent tears, and before they even know what they’re crying about, lift their spirits and smiles once more. Für Elise is a must-learn if you are learning an instrument as it’s one that the whole family can enjoy.

4. Clocks

Clocks is a song by Coldplay that you’re going to want to learn fast. It has a stunning intro that will mesmerize your family and friends, building into a breathtaking crescendo that will leave the entire room speechless. Bet you didn’t think you’d be able to do that to a crowd when you started your online piano lessons! Here’s an easy guide to learning this song fast.

The best part of learning to play piano songs like these is getting your family and friends involved too! Once the music starts up, people will automatically gather around the piano, quietly start humming, before bursting into song. Give them a try – they’re guaranteed to make the next family gathering, holiday party, or lazy evening an instant success!

Give them a try – they’re guaranteed to make the next family gathering, holiday party, or lazy evening an instant success!