6 Tips for Introverted Musicians

Most musicians will tell you there are very few things that give you same the exhilaration that comes from rocking out on stage. Even if you’re playing in the comfort of your own home with a few of your friends, the feeling can produce the same sense of achievement.

It’s not always easy though. Even though music can be something very public, some of us have trouble getting into the mindset of playing in front of others. If you’re an introvert, then you know the anxiety that comes when you’re forced to perform in front of people. However, you can put your fears aside with this quick guide made to help you overcome stage fright!

Follow these 6 tips for introverted musicians and show your friends how awesome you are at your next jam session!

1. Get in the zone

For introverts, the feeling of having eyes on them can be a major hurdle to being at ease. To counter this, try to focus on playing your sheet music and get into a groove. Block out the external noise and find that mental place where you feel most comfortable playing your music.

2. Get out of your head

Many times, your own worst enemy can be the tiny voice in your head. It’s easy to confuse being introverted for shyness, and even easier to let that take over your thoughts. We can make playing music impossibly difficult by focusing on the things we CAN’T do. Instead, try and focus on the things you CAN, and forget about the things you think hold you back.

3. Take your time

A major crutch we can use when trying to perform or play in public is rushing things. After all, if you can play things faster, you can be done faster, right? Not quite. By slowing down and taking your time, you can make your life infinitely easier. Introverts are good at thinking through things and preparing, so take advantage of your skills and slow down things until they make sense to you.

4. Do it as often as you can

As unpopular as this might be to an introvert’s sensibilities, the best way to learn to play in public and with others is to actually do it. Playing with others can be incredibly useful for a beginner and any level of musician. We can learn tricks, work on our timing, and grow out of our musical shells.

5. Work your way up to it

Playing with other people doesn’t mean you should start playing with a symphony orchestra right off the bat. If you have trouble playing with groups of people, even your friends, then start by playing with one person. Start by getting a little outside of your comfort zone and work your way up to a full jam band.

6. Know yourself

The most important skill for an introvert however, is self-knowledge. It can be daunting to step outside your comfort zone and diving in the deep end can be a terrifying proposition. If you’re working your way up to it, then the only person who knows how you’re dealing with it is YOU. Take time to listen to yourself.

Follow these tips for introverted musicians and learn to play at the center of any jam session!