Halloween Music: No Tricks, Just Treats from JoyTunes

Stacey Upfalow
Stacey Upfalow

If there’s something strange in your piano studio, who ya gonna call? JoyTunes!

Halloween Music

With Halloween right around the corner, we wanted to make sure that you all know about the tasty treat JoyTunes has just added to the library. Instead of handing out candy to your students, why not let them have some fun and practice their skills while playing spooky Halloween music including the theme song from the hit movie Ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters Simplified: Piano Skills

JoyTunes has released this simplified version in two different keys – C Major and D Major. The C Major Key gives your students a chance to practice playing B flat and E flat notes, both of which are less common in some other songs but very important skills to master. Challenge your students even more by having them play the song in D Major. In this key you will be able to reinforce playing a D note above middle C with the left hand as well as playing both minor and major keys in the same song.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the vocals for the track were recorded right here at Joytunes? Several music team members lent their voices in order to make the song even more exciting. Your students will definitely love singing along to this catchy little tune.

Ghostbusters Theme: Piano Skills

Playing this song will give more advanced students the opportunity to practice plenty of tricky skills while playing both minor and major keys. If they can master playing 2 notes simultaneously with the left hand and playing a B flat note beneath middle C with the right hand then they just might be deserving of a sugary, mouthwatering treat.

We ain’t afraid o’ no ghost!

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