The Most Legendary Jam Bands

The Five Greatest Jam Bands

There are few things better in a music lover’s life than enjoying a live show. The energy of a great band playing to a pumped up crowd can combine to create an unbelievable experience. However shows can sound too rehearsed if a band sticks to a setlist like glue and leaves no room for creativity.

Enter the jam band. These groups make a living out of creating the most unique and exciting music on a live stage, generating an almost entirely new experience every time they pick up their instruments. Jam bands are great for any music fan who is looking for a unique experience every time they see a show. Check out these five legendary jam bands, and see the magic for yourself!

The Grateful Dead

Jam BandThe mother of all jam bands, the Grateful Dead were on stage in one form or another from 1965 until last year. While not the first jam band, the Grateful Dead reinvented the genre, and their eclectic blend of sounds from Americana to contemporary rock and R’n’B made for a truly amazing experience. “Deadheads” still gather to compare bootleg recordings of their favorite shows, and for good reason.


Jam BandPicking up the mantle of “best jam band alive” after Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia passed away in 1995, Phish have picked up such a devoted fan base that they can perform three-day festivals where they are the only band on. Phish’s influences are very diverse, ranging from rock to funk, and their musicians are all extremely talented. The band is also famous for their inventive covers and unique interpretations of famous songs.

The Allman Brothers Band

Jam BandThe Allman Brothers are some of the South’s most legendary musicians and the quintessential live band. After two failed studio albums, the band’s first major hit was their live release “At Fillmore East”, still considered one of the greatest shows ever recorded. Surviving the death of frontman and co-founder Duane Allman shortly after the release, the band continued to tour and put on amazing shows until 2014, when they retired.

Dave Matthews Band

Jam Band
Ever since forming in 1991, DMB has been a staple of college dorms and festivals around the US. Featuring a bevy of insanely talented artists led by Dave Matthews, DMB is the rare jam band that has also found major commercial success with their shorter, more concise studio albums. With singles such as “Crash” and “The Space Between”, DMB is a great gateway for casual music fans to discover the wonders of a great show full of improvisation.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Jam BandPerhaps one of the more underrated jam bands, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are one of the most inventive and creative groups ever assembled. Featuring a “drumitar”–an instrument invented by the band’s drummer, as well as one of the most famous bassists to ever grace a stage in Victor Wooten, The Flecktones’ sound leans heavily towards jazz and more progressive genres. Their crazy talent guarantees you an unforgettable sonic journey.

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