Cyber Monday Deals for the Digital Musician

Becki Laurent
Becki Laurent

This is it! This is the year you become a digital musician! Or maybe you want to become a digital music teacher?

Here is a list of must-have’s for the new digital musician just in time for Cyber Monday!

The iPad

This Cyber Monday great iPad deals can be found at Walmart, Target, Amazon or Best Buy! The iPad mini, the iPad air, the latest iPad Pro, take your pick and select your price range. For sanity check, a simple shop around to check prices is recommended.

The Stylus

The Stylus is an essential tool for the composing musician.  If you compose you’ll want something with a fine tip. is having a great sale as well as Lynktec.  Their fine tip Stylus is the one on sale to check out.Of course, you should always be checking Amazon for some of the hottest deals regardless of Cyber Monday. The Stylus Touch Pen/Writing Pen is a deal worth checking out.

The Apple Pencil for your new iPad Pro gives you control all the way down to one pixel! Available in the Apple Store but not on sale.

The Keyboards

Every musician needs a keyboard controller.  Check out the iOS and Android app: “Cyber Monday 2015”. Typing Piano into the search will bring up all the amazing deals on Yamaha and Korg! Look for iPad ready keyboards that say iOS ready!  The CME’s Xkey is my favorite. Great prices at Amazon, Sweetwater and Guitar Center.  Found all my favorite brands with a ton of options.

The Headphones

Sweetwater, and Walmart have some state of the art, well-reviewed sets from Yamaha and Sony.

Don’t miss out on these deals and be sure to get some cheaper tech for yourself! You’ve already finished off your Christmas list shopping for everyone one else, right?