A Gift For You: Piano Maestro Update 3.3 is Here!

Stacey Upfalow
Stacey Upfalow

Our last Piano Maestro update gave you some awesome new features and we love hearing how much you've been enjoying the new additions (we've been hearing great feedback!). As with all good things, a few bugs did manage to make their way into the 3.2 update so we got out our office fly swatter and smashed them to bits! Please update the app to the latest bug-free version. Need help updating? Click here for a quick tutorial.


JoyTunes squashed bugs in the Piano Maestro Update

Don't worry, we were humane about it all.


  • The Fast Forward and Rewind feature should now work like a charm. Zip around in the song like a bee buzzes around the flowers.
  • We squashed that pesky bug that caused the app to crash when loading (that was especially for you Brazilians).
  • You can say goodbye to that annoying little bug that prevented the app badge from clearing after opening the app because we squished him too.


Now, on to the awesome stuff! Here's a look at what's new in this Piano Maestro Update:

Run out and buy some new printer ink because you can now print and share over 600 pieces of sheet music from within the app for FREE! This means your non-iPad students can take these pages home and continue to practice the same songs.

JoyTunes now let's you print out sheet music

Print out sheet music


It’s now easier than ever to find exercises by “key” and “hand”.  Check out the improved search feature in the Exercise Library. Less time searching means more time playing!

Searching for exercises is so easy

Wow! Searching is so easy!


There is now one convenient place for you to manage the content on the app. In the settings screen, you can download tons of songs ahead of time so you can play them in the forest, or wherever else you may go that doesn’t have WiFi.

Manage content in one convenient place

Manage content in one convenient place


Our incredibly dedicated team is already hard at work building awesome new features for the next update. Stay tuned!