What’s Your Winter Holiday Theme Song?

Stacey Upfalow
Stacey Upfalow

From peppermint candy canes to trees dripping with silver tinsel, there is no denying that the festive season is upon us. Whether the holidays makes you squeal with joy and belt out the lyrics to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” or cry at the commercialism of it all, avoiding it is just not an option unless you hibernate in your home and cut yourself off from the radio, TV, social media and, well, basically the whole world.

With the major holidays just a few days away, we have prepared a lovely little gift for you. It’s not a stocking stuffer nor a present you can wrap – it’s better! Why? Because it’s a fun quiz which answers the super important question of December: What is your holiday theme song? Even more, this entertaining bit of content will come in handy if you have any awkward moments at your office holiday parties, family dinners or wherever else you choose to celebrate.  You can just mention this awesome quiz and everyone will drop what they are doing, forget about their arguments and focus their attention on finding their own theme song.

So, take a five minute break from all the holiday madness (or work, if you’re sitting at your desk) and take this “scientifically developed” JoyTunes quiz. By answering a series of holiday-themed questions, we’ll tell you which holiday song should be your personal theme song (at least for the next few weeks)! Each theme song answer includes a fun YouTube video for you to sing along with and play every time you enter a room.

If you're ready to get fancy and impress your friends and family, you can learn to play some holiday songs (including a few of the theme songs) with our Piano Maestro app. It’s free to download and you’ll look like the rock star you've always wanted to be! Piano Maestro is the gift that keeps on giving!

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Ready to discover your holiday theme song?

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