Though the piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn, the hardest part is not the fundamentals and technique. The most important part of any song you learn are the notes inside. It can be hard as there are so many different versions of notes and different scales.  Sometimes trying to read sheet music can seem like trying to crack a cipher.

However, there are some great ways to remember music notes. Whether you’re studying how to read music or learning to play by ear, there are several ways to remember piano keys and notes. From mnemonic devices to repetition, the possibilities are endless in order to learn how to remember the notes on a staff. Follow these steps and play like a professional in no time!

Use Mnemonic Devices

When you’re thinking about how to remember piano notes on sheet music, one of the hardest aspects is understanding how notes look on a staff and if it’s a treble or bass clef. One easy way around this is to use mnemonic devices or word tricks. For the notes that fall on the lines of a treble clef, remember that Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit, while all the notes in the spaces make a F.A.C.E.

recognize and memorize piano notes

For how to remember the piano notes on a bass clef, the notes in the spaces tell you that All Cars Eat Gas, and the notes on the lines remind you that Good Burritos Don’t Fall Apart. If you are struggling remember what note to play, this is how to remember the notes on a staff.

recognize and memorize piano notes

Train Your Ears

If you’re learning to play piano by ear, then the first and most important skill you have to master is recognizing the notes you are hearing. This sounds difficult, as it’s hard to remember something you can’t see. It’s easy though if you train your ears.

There are great applications that can show you how to recognize notes by sound.  Even if you’re reading music, it’s very helpful to be able to play the piano without looking and know how each key should sound when you play it. There are great websites such as Theta Music Trainer and Music Theory that have fun exercises to help you learn notes by ear.

Train Your Hands

Finally, you need to put your sight, ears, and hands together. While knowing how a note sounds and looks like on a page is important, it’s also crucial to remember where a note goes on a piano. In order to do this, the best way to remember and memorize it is by constantly practicing with what seem like boring exercises.

Nobody LOVES playing scales and repetitive exercises, but they exist for a reason. They teach you to play notes from muscle memory, as well as recognize the sounds of each scale and how they sound on different octaves. Sets such as Hanon’s variations will teach you about different scales while helping to train your muscles.