Learning piano as an adult is easier than you think

Are you toying with the idea of learning how to play the piano as an adult? Do it! Learning piano as an adult is often so much better than it was when you were a kid. You have the time, you have the headspace, and you know what a valuable skill it can be to enjoy a fulfilling hobby at home. There are loads of benefits to learning how to play as an adult!

A growing trend shows that people regret not having devoted themselves to their piano lessons with greater vigor, and they are now subjecting themselves to practicing scales. A BBC report from a year ago (October 2014) investigated why, and discovered that beyond music being a passion in general (and we know that it is), the percussive element of hitting 88 keys (or some percentage thereof) can be therapeutic. Moreover, playing any musical instrument rewires the brain, as it were, with increased connectivity and therefore sophistication. It’s not incidental – or inaccurate – that people say playing an instrument makes you smarter!

[bctt tweet=” Playing any musical instrument rewires the brain with increased connectivity and sophistication.”]

In fact, being an adult gives you several advantages when it comes time to learn to play.


Your mom’s not nagging

First and foremost is the fact that you are doing so on your own volition, and not because your parents or grandparents have insisted that you learn an instrument. When you choose your own path, you are more likely to find your passion in it.

You KNOW that practice makes perfect.

The odds are good that you have had experience with the effects of practice in the past, and you know that if you want to develop a skill truly, you need to practice. Even if you don’t aspire to Carnegie Hall, you still know that whatever practice, practice, practice you undertake will serve you well (a tidbit that many children don’t realize as they are burdened with practice sessions).

Your ear has earned the advantage of time

Finally, the fact that you want to learn to play as an adult suggests that you have a love of music, and the very fact that you have been listening to music your entire life puts you in an enviable position when it comes to learning the technicalities. That is, once you already have a feel for the music itself, learning which keys to depress is a matter of fulfilling what you already know, as compared to the child who starts from nothing.

Music education isn’t what it used to be!

The other advantage you have is the advancement of educational technology, which has harnessed gaming features that provide feedback in real time, and applies them to learning to play piano, so that the student is guided through the process note by note.

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