Fake it ‘Til you Make It: The Introvert’s Guide to Performing


Rocking out on a big stage is one of the most euphoric feelings a musician can ever have. There’s nothing quite like hearing hundreds or thousands of people cheering you on for being so awesome at your job. Unfortunately, it can also be a tall order for a lot of us and stage fright kicks in.

If you are a musician who also happens to be an introvert, then the idea of playing your music in front of a ton of people might be slightly less optimistic. Shyness and other factors can combine to make playing a veritable nightmare for you. Luckily, we are here to help! Follow the tips below on the introvert’s guide to performing on stage and be the next great rock star!

1. Forget What You Know

One of the biggest problems introverts face when just starting to perform is being unable to let go of misconceptions that can impact your playing. One such misconception? That introverts are also very shy. You can be a relaxed introvert or a shy extrovert. The first step of being able to perform is to forget those preconceptions that hold us back.

2. Have A Pre-Show Routine

While not always shy, introverts do prefer to spend more time in their own minds than with others. When you are anxious about going onstage, it can be really useful to develop a routine to go through in your head before playing. Make your set list, warm up, go over your songs, and make sure you are ready for action.

3. Practice, Then Practice Some More

For introverts, the key to success lies in preparation. Practice in your usual way, but take some time before your next show to step outside your comfort zone. Due to the idea that playing live takes us out of our comfort zones, it is good to get used to playing in different environments. Go to your living room, your room, your balcony, but change it up!

4. Trust Your Instincts

One of the problems of taking your time to prepare for something is overthinking things. As musicians and athletes will tell you, it can be really distracting to think of what you have to do when you are doing it.  We can lose ourselves in small details and get anxious about making mistakes. So go with the flow and trust that you are ready.

5. Go To Your Happy Place

Introverts are happiest in our minds, so make sure you can always go there. A great technique for being able to perform and play in front of others is to try and pretend that you are alone. While it can be hard to do, finding your own comfortable place when playing and learning to relax is a great tool to let go of some anxiety.

6. Know When To Fake It

Finally, you have to remember it’s a process until you become comfortable on a stage. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, though. As humans, we have the ability to go against our instincts sometimes in order to do things we want to try. So put your abilities to good use and nudge yourself out of your comfort zone by slowly building towards performances.

Follow these playing tips, and perform like the rock star you’ve always dreamed of being!