This Is How Much Piano Lessons Should Cost You in 2016

When you’re beginning to learn piano, you can start out on your own with great applications and other tools. You can study the basics and start your musical journey in no time. At first, it’s great to learn to play by familiarizing yourself with the piano or keyboard and by picking up things as you go. After all, stumbling around can sometimes take you to great unexpected places. However, at a certain point, you might need to formalize your musical education and you might find yourself researching how much piano lessons cost!

While learning with a teacher is a great option, it’s not always an alternative. It can be expensive and can be more time than you’re able to commit. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be more serious about playing the piano. You can find the best solution for you, and make sure to optimize your learning. If you’re trying to decide what way works best for you, check out this guide and find the best method for you to become a musical pro!

The Academic Route:  Piano Lessons

Cost of Piano lessons

Studying with a qualified teacher is one of the best options!

Nothing beats a good teacher in terms of formalizing your education. Instructors can help you master technique as well as good posture and other musical fundamentals. Depending on your location and your desired level of expertise, the cost of piano lessons can vary between 30 and 70 dollars.

You can also take group lessons, which are great for beginners. It can be great to work with other musicians at your level to help you grow together. Group lessons can cost slightly less than private lessons, between 25 and 50 dollars. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should find the right teacher for you and your skill level.

The Mobile Way: Apps

Piano App

If you’re not afraid of technology, try out a great iOS pieano learning app, Simply Piano.

Thanks to our awesome mobile technology today, learning things on the go is an easy option for those with less time on their hands. Apps can be a great way to learn a whole variety of music-related skills that make the difference when starting on the piano. There are great apps to learn musical notation such as Music Tutor (which has a free, ad-supported version for iOS) or Note Perfect (for iOS). You can also find great tools for ear training, and great apps to learn popular songs and improve your playing skills. The best thing about apps is that they are quick and much lighter on your wallet when you look at this relative to the cost of piano lessons.

The Online Way: Sites and Video

learn piano online

Hit the World Wide Web and learn from tutorials on your own.

If you’re more into learning on your own and do not have the budget to support the cost of piano lessons, then the internet is the place for you. For those who feel they are better suited to self-learning, they can find a wide variety of different options. There are online learning tools that help with notation, such as, which also helps you with ear training and other important fundamentals. If you’re a more visual learner, then you can find a great treasure trove of content on YouTube, which features a ton of great lessons and tutorials that can help you master invaluable skills.

Find the best path for your piano learning journey!