Which Instrument Should You Learn to Play

Stacey Upfalow
Stacey Upfalow

Ringing in the “New Year” is generally a time where we take a look at our own lives and decide what changes we’d like to make in the future. These New Year’s resolutions often tend to be lofty ideas that are rarely accomplished. Personally, I think so many resolutions fail because we are just not ready for those big changes. And, even though you know that change is good, it’s often hard to implement.

So, as you ask yourself if you should even make one of the traditional resolutions -we all know the common ones. However, we are here to offer up a new one. Why not learn to play an instrument? Learning to play a musical instrument is a great way to express yourself and be creative. Now, we’re not saying that you need to become a professional musician but developing new skills and finding new hobbies is what your New Year’s resolutions should be all about.

Odd time signatures

Find bands and musicians that inspire you to play and get started!

Decide to do something fun this year and you’ll enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life! And, it’s never too late to start playing an instrument so that cannot be your excuse!

Picking which instrument to learn can be a challenge within itself which is exactly why we created this fun quiz! Just answer 10 questions and we’ll recommend an instrument for you to learn.

Happy New Year and Happy Playing!