How I Learn Piano on My Own with Piano Maestro

I am an adult learner who has always loved piano music. Even though I’m over 50, I have thought about learning to play the piano, and especially playing my favorite music, for decades. However, I never had the time to utilize the traditional method of instruction books and paying expensive teachers once or twice a week to learn to play. Several years ago, I even bought a fancy electronic Yamaha keyboard with a variety of dials and buttons and a MIDI connection with the intention of figuring out a way to electronically connect my keyboard to my computer. Unfortunately, I was not able to do that and my piano keyboard remained idle for several years until March 2014.

Being a big fan of my new iPad, I decided to search for apps that would help promote learn piano on my own. Lo and behold, I came across the JoyTunes Piano Maestro iPad app and downloaded it. Meanwhile, I bought an adapter which allowed my iPad to connect to the MIDI output on the back of the piano keyboard. Using the app for a couple days, I was fascinated at how I received instant feedback while going through the “Journey” mode and learning the first few songs. I was pleased to see I was receiving three stars with most songs with a little bit of practice. This positive reinforcement motivated me to sign up for the premium membership with JoyTunes so that I would have the opportunity to unlock the full potential of the application.

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My Piano Journey

Over the next several months, I slowly worked my way up through the journey all the way to Chapter 38.  As each song became easier and easier and I obtained one, two and then three stars, I became amazed because the app provides such a fun, easy, and effective way of learning to play piano.  Moreover, by practicing only 30 to 60 minutes per day, it only took a few short months before I knew the entire treble and base clefs and was starting to work with flats and sharps.  Who knew learning could be so fun?

As of now, I am continuing my journey of being a good piano player after having 1 ½ years of experience with Piano Maestro.   I can play hundreds of songs and typically work on about 30 new songs at any one time.  After I obtain three stars for a song, I often drop the song I have mastered and add a couple new ones to always stay fresh and motivated. I’m especially impressed with the method books which allow me to learn classical favorites that any adult would recognize instantly and that provide a lot of satisfaction while learning to play.

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Clearly, Piano Maestro is an extremely effective and enjoyable way to learn how to play the piano. At this point, my plan is to continue playing about an hour a day indefinitely as I grow as a piano student. Although an in-person teacher would have many benefits, for me Piano Maestro has become my “personal” piano instructor and I am very grateful for the assistance.

Thanks again JoyTunes and keep up the good work!

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