Piano Maestro: New Holiday Appdate

The holiday season is in full swing. The decorations are up, the presents bought (or in the process of buying) but there’s no reason why our apps can’t get the same love this holiday.

So, without further ado, I’d like to jump into the updates we’ve made to Piano Maestro for you this holiday season!

Holiday Songs & Graphics

All of the FREE holiday songs you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with! We also added some new ones as well to the mix for our veteran Piano Maestro players.

You’ll find 50 free (yes, free!!) songs in this category from Christmas to Hanukkah and New Year’s too! We just added Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” (because who doesn’t LOVE that Christmas classic) as well as a Chrismas staple, “Jingle Bell Rock”. The only thing missing is the ability for our app to make a strong cup of eggnog! We’ll try and work on that for next Christmas 😉

The free holiday songs can be accessed from two places. As mentioned above, you can get there directly from the “Free Holiday Songs” button on the main menu as well as going to Library -> Songs -> and then choosing the “Free Holiday Songs” category.

For teachers, don’t worry, the home challenge button is still there just smaller and right below the “Free Holiday Songs” button when you enter “Explore” mode.

Performance Fixes

An update for the holidays wouldn’t be right without some performance tweaks.

We are happy to announce that the app is fully compatible with iOS9. We also fixed annoying crashes that happened when browsing in the app. Note scrolling is also much smoother. We definitely hope you feel these improvements as it’s meant to increase the overall quality of your experience in the app. So, make sure to the download the latest version of Piano Maestro!

The performance fixes don’t stop here. In the next version, there will be even performance enhancements so sit tight!

Learning on your own? Don’t forget to download our free iPhone app, Simply Piano, and learn to play “Jingle Bells” in just 30 minutes!