Gamification When it Comes to Education [Infographic]


What is Gamification?

"Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in non-gaming contexts to engage users and to solve problems. Gamification leverages game design, loyalty program design and behavioral economics to create the optimal context for behavior change and successful outcomes."

Engagement Alliance

Why Gamification Works? 

Developers and educators are very interested into looking into these processes and learning through "unconventional" techniques using technology. In today's day in age, with so many distractions (a lot of them tech distractions), education in the 21st century is focusing more on engaging students, keeping them engaged and creating a self-learner approach. 

The process of learning needs to be fun and this can be seen various EdTech companies. The look and feel that games provide engage learners on a deeper more meaningful level. Whether it be through competitions, rewards and applying gamified features, they can help learners master and retain information much more quickly.

Here are some interesting facts about gamification education market, which features are more liked than others, and examples of apps and e-learning software companies that incorporate gamification techniques. 


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Check out this video of Gabe Zichermann. He speaks about the Flynn Effect which according to James Flynn, a political scientist working in New Zealand, the results of intelligence tests in different countries show that over the past century average IQ has been increasing at a rate of about 3 points per decade, specifically when it comes to fluid intelligence.

This essentially means people are getting more intelligent and hence we could assume, the brain needs to be stimulated more. Games in itself are wired to produce a certain effect in us as well as a strong dopamine loop (challenge yourself -> overcome it -> feel good about it) and produces an intrinsic reaction that causes you to go back and keep seeking that activity over and over again.