Want To Buy A Piano Or Keyboard? Read This First.

Becki Laurent
Becki Laurent

It that time of year where everyone looks wistfully at pianos being played in the mall, pianos being played at Christmas concerts and programs all over.  This is the year YOU are going to join those ranks! But which should piano or keyboard should you buy?

Pianos can be super expensive, but a keyboard is a great alternative to a piano and just as effective! Acoustic pianos are great but they do require upkeep and maintenance. Regular tuning, regular playing, strategic positioning in your home, humidifiers- these are all things to consider.  I recommend starting with a keyboard/digital piano which is a great and cheaper alternative to the acoustic piano. Digital pianos need no tuning, no strategic positioning, no humidifiers, and really, what's one more computer in your house!  

Here are my top recommendations when searching for a digital piano or keyboard:

YAMAHA ARIUS YDP 181- Beginners

The Yamaha Aruis YDP 181 is a great starter with awesome features.  Tickling the ivories is a pleasure with key action that feels close to the real thing.  The instrument sounds are super lush.  All the bells and whistles and a nice starter keyboard for a beginner.

KORG SP170s- Beginners and Intermediates

Another great full keyboard is the Korg SP180S. Korg has done a great job of bringing true sound and feel to a full 88 key keyboard.  This one is perfect for beginners to intermediates.  It comes with a damper pedal but not the other 2 traditionAlly found on an acoustic piano but that's ok- you won't use them for a while anyway!

CASIO PX 850 PRIVIA – Intermediates and Advanced

The Casio PX 850 PRIVIA is a really noice for a keyboard The keys, when pressed, sound likethey are hitting wood.  You have 3 pedals and a cool recording feature to listen to your playbacks.   18 voices to play around with will make practicing (and developing your ear and technique) a real treat.  That it comes with a great stand is a bonus and really gives you that "piano" feel!

Some points to look out for:

– Simple Features: Try not to get distracted with all the extra features. Simple is better.

– Number of Keys: Stick to 88 keys- it's easier!

– Midi Connection: Cable to connect your iPad or iPhone Apps like Simply Piano or Piano Maestro 

– Maximum Polyphony: Refers to the maximum number of notes that a keyboard or sound module can produce at one time. The higher the better!

– Touch Response: Ability of a keyboard to sense the force or speed with which a key is pressed and create a sound

So which keyboard will you buy this holiday? After all 2016 is just around the corner and the perfect time to pick up a new skill!