Piano Removal: How to Make Pianos Disappear

Do you want to get rid of your old piano but don’t know how? You’re not alone! Here are various ways that you can remove your piano from your home.

 If you’re not using your piano, it’s taking up space and gathering dust. However, getting rid of your instrument can be arduous, particularly if it’s a bulky cabinet or grand piano.

So how can you get rid of your piano? 

There are a few options depending on the piano type and its condition. 

This article provides you with everything you need to know, along with tips on getting rid of your piano.

Reality check.

It’s easy to assume that antiques are valuable and that a century-old piano is worth thousands of dollars. However, it likely isn’t unless it’s a well-kept Bechstein or Steinway & Sons. 

The truth is that countless piano brands have gone through the years. Many of them produce mediocre instruments. Often, an old piano requires a lot of work or is unplayable. And that’s not good for resale.

The state of your instrument. 

You should assess your piano’s current condition. Suppose your piano is playable, meaning keys work, and the soundboard and casing remain intact. You can try selling or donating it. Countless individuals are itching to get their hands on a functioning piano. 

On the other hand, if your piano is broken and beyond repair, it’s better to repurpose or throw it away. 

Obstacles to getting rid of your piano.

Let’s address the elephant in the room–getting rid of your piano (whether it’s new or broken) can be challenging.

Because of its size and weight, moving a piano is no small feat. It can be costly unless you find a buyer willing to handle the moving process. 

Depending on your instrument’s size, shape, and weight, flat rates cost anywhere between $80 and $2000. 

Sell your piano. 

Because of the Internet, selling a piano has never been more convenient. 

However, it’s worth researching your instrument before slapping up an ad. That way, you can price it properly. If it’s a modern piano, see how much it costs brand new. For older pianos, you can always call a piano store for information or have a piano technician take a look (they can tune it for you too).

Once you know how much you’re selling your piano for, you just need to figure out how and to who. There are a few options you can pursue when selling your instrument.

Sell your piano online

The most convenient and easy way to sell your piano is online. There are tons of platforms for you to sell your instrument.

A few include: 

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Markertplace
  • eBay

To sell your piano online, start by taking some nice, clear pictures of it. Be sure to give shoppers multiple angles that fully display your piano. Of course, a description of it helps.

If there is something wrong with your piano (whether it has a scratch or it’s out of tune), be sure to mention it. The last thing you want is for your buyer to lose trust in you or give you a hard time. 

Something to keep in mind when selling your instrument online is that it may take some time before someone buys it.

However, if you’re urgently getting rid of your piano, the following options may be better.

Sell to a piano store

While selling to a piano store may be faster, there is one potential drawback. As experts in buying and selling pianos, they’ll likely pay less than it’s worth. 

However, if ridding yourself of your piano is a priority, it’s a good option. Depending on the shop, you may be able to trade your old piano in for a new one at a discounted price or receive a store credit. They may even pay for the moving fees! 

Sell to a piano technician

Alternatively, you can always try your luck with a piano technician. The trick is to get them to come by. 

If you have an old piano and don’t know how much it’s worth, you can hire a technician to tune your piano and have them give it some love. While they’re working on it, you can ask questions and dig for insights. 

As a working professional in the field, the technician may know someone looking for a piano or may even buy it themselves.

Donate it.

If selling your piano isn’t an option, you can always donate your instrument. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, after all. 

Seriously, what may be a burden on you can make someone extremely happy. You can always put an ad on the digital marketplace and offer your piano for free. However, there are tons of other options available like:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Schools
  • Social groups
  • Retirement homes
  • Recreation centers
  • Service clubs
  • Afterschool programs

A perk of giving your piano away is that you don’t have to worry about moving it. You can leave that up to your happy recipient!

Repurpose it. 

If your piano is no longer playable, you can always repurpose it. It’s an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing.

There are lots of materials that instrument-makers use to create pianos. If you do not intend to play, you can take the instrument apart and salvage valuable materials. You can try selling the individual parts online or use them for other projects. Here’s a Youtube video explaining how to safely take apart your old piano.

On the other hand, pianos are elegant and sturdy if you’re looking for some furniture. So converting one into a table, bookshelf, or anything you can think of is well within the realm of possibility! 

Check online for ideas and how-to guides. 

Toss it.

If selling, donating, or repurposing your piano isn’t an option, sometimes it’s just easier to throw away your piano. You have two options. Do it yourself or hire a team to do it. 

Unfortunately, getting a third party to do it will likely cost you money because of the size and weight of a piano. However, you can rely on them to remove the piano quickly and without damaging your home.

Alternatively, you can always throw it out yourself. By taking it apart, you can break a large problem into smaller ones (literally). 

It takes time and effort, but it can be worth it. Selling and donating your instrument allows someone else to learn. You can turn your old piano into a unique piece of furniture or salvage parts. 

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